Behy’s Got Talent 5th and 6th class.

29 04 2013

Recently in the school Behy’s Got Talent (a talent show held in our school every year) Final was on and there really was some amazing talent. There was singing, dancing, rapping, kickboxing, accordion, tin whistle, violin, piano, miming, comedy and even the Harlem Shake. The classroom heats/auditions were on on the 18th and 19th of April. Then the best few acts in each class got into the final. The final was held on on the 25th of April. One winner from each class had to be picked. The decision was a very hard one but there had to be a winner. Here are the classroom winners:

Junior Infants: Dylan (rapping)

Senior Infants: Alex (piano)

1st class : Call me maybe (singers)

2nd class : Traditional musicians (tin whistle + accordion)

3rd class : Kian (piano)

4th class: The Youngsters (singers and dancers)

5th class: Nathen (singing)

6th class: Harlem Shake (dance)

Here is a gallery of all the acts from 5th and 6th class:


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3 responses to “Behy’s Got Talent 5th and 6th class.”

30 04 2013
  Eleanor (12:39:53) :

I loved Behys got talent and I think everyone should have won. Nathen was really good at singing and Issy was EPIC at the keyboard

1 05 2013
  Cillian Boylan (15:31:32) :

Well done every1.I think its going to be tight on the voting !!!!!

1 05 2013

I loved every act Dylan was superb at his dance moves.Everybody who entered done a pretty good job i mean to do anything on front of the school takes a lot of courage and guts i mean well sometimes you try not to break but u end up crying anyway everyone who had the golly to enter give yourself a big pat on the back and be proud of yourself dont waist a breath till your sure to enter if u didnt enter thats ok dont be shy to show your inner spirit and tallent oh and by the way if you happen to come across a cardigan with miss gamilly written on it will you please let me no. THX Eloise