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27 09 2016

Behy Film Club unveils its FÍS Entry for 2016

12 07 2016

Every year since we set up our Film Club, we have entered the national competition for film-making in Irish primary schools. We have a great record, having won a national award with every entry and having scooped the overall award for Best Film in 2013.

This year’s Film Club have been busy working on their entry. It is based on an original film, created for our annual Film Festival by Luke Armstrong and Cian Anderson. All children in 5th class worked in this film with some help from 4th class too. Many thanks to class teacher, Pamela Flannery for her support and assistance and school principal, Pat Cunnane who teaches the children their film-making skills.

Please see this year’s entry below.

5th class visit shoreline with Conor Ryan

29 06 2016

5th class studied the shoreline with Conor Ryan . See pictures below.

5th class poetry

29 06 2016

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Bless the Grandparents that are here today,

We can‘t wait to see what they have to say.


They taught us how to talk and play, without them

We wouldn’t be able to do everything we can do today.


Grandparents are awesome and very nice and

They mean a lot in children’s lives.


By Anna Ruane (5th Class)



Grandparents are thoughtful

Grandparents are kind

We love our grandparents in hear,t soul and mind

Grandparents are special in every way even though some of them have passed away.

I don’t have grandparents but that’s okay I will see them another day.


By Tyreke Clarke (5th Class)


A Life With A Bully

I woke up at eight and I realised I was late

But I did not care because I Knew the bully was there.


When my breakfast was ate I was more late

But I did not care because I knew the bully was there.


When I walked out the door he was on the wall with a big

Plate, I knew I was late so I ran out the back garden gate.


When I was on the way to school I turned around and there

was a church on the ground,

I went in and said a few prayers.

Then I realised I had no underwear.


When I reached school at last

I ran into class I told the teacher everything at last.

The bully got in trouble and is gone at last.

Now I can leave the past


Costumes for fun day

29 06 2016

5th class were helped by Elaine Armstrong to make some amazing costumes. See picture bellow.

Ms Flannerys Camera 075

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Film Festival 2016

22 04 2016

Behy N.S. Film Festival took place on Monday, 18 April. This was a special film festival as it marked our 5th birthday, 5 years of film-making in Behy N.S. We were delighted to have many of the film-makers who had been part of our Film Club and Festivals over those 5 years with us on the day. When they were in our film club, they were at the senior end of primary school and now many of them are at the senior end of secondary school. Doesn’t time fly! It was great to see them all again. The Film Festival began with short clips from all the films shown over the last 4 years and then the films created by this year’s film club were shown. These films can be seen below. Hope you enjoy them.


father Peter Quinn cup team photos

22 04 2016

Here are some photos of the 8 teams in the fr Peter Quinn cup

Grandparents Day 4th And 5th Class

5 02 2016

4th and 5th class were visited by grandparents.The children had a wonderful day.See pictures below.

1916 Proclamation and Flag Presentation

15 01 2016

2 Members of the Irish Defence forces presented our school with an Irish flag and the proclamation.

5th/4th Class Famine Ships

15 01 2016

5th and 4th class made ships from the famine times.