Miracle on the Hudson

3 07 2017

Here’s a film by Keelan Walsh created in Film Club 2017.

Behy NS unveils its entry for FÍS 2017

29 06 2017

Here is our FÍS Entry for 2017. Well done to 5th class Film Club members for their hard work on this film.

Behy Film-making Club 2016/ 17

16 12 2016

Our 2016 Film Club is up and running. All members come from our 5th class. This first task is to create a test film called ‘The Mouse in the House.’ While making this film, they have been introduced to all the skills of film-making – planning, story-boarding, shooting, editing and producing.

I’ve grouped their test films into playlists which you can see below. I’ve listed the names of the film-makers over each list.


1. Amia, John, Rory, Chloe, Lee, Jamie, Stephanie

2. Aodhan, Aimee, Aoibhe, Cameron, Clodagh, Hannah

3. Jack, Ben, Amisha, Aoibhe, Maciek, Wiktoria

4. Keelan

Behy Film Club unveils its FÍS Entry for 2016

12 07 2016

Every year since we set up our Film Club, we have entered the national competition for film-making in Irish primary schools. We have a great record, having won a national award with every entry and having scooped the overall award for Best Film in 2013.

This year’s Film Club have been busy working on their entry. It is based on an original film, created for our annual Film Festival by Luke Armstrong and Cian Anderson. All children in 5th class worked in this film with some help from 4th class too. Many thanks to class teacher, Pamela Flannery for her support and assistance and school principal, Pat Cunnane who teaches the children their film-making skills.

Please see this year’s entry below.

Film Festival 2016

22 04 2016

Behy N.S. Film Festival took place on Monday, 18 April. This was a special film festival as it marked our 5th birthday, 5 years of film-making in Behy N.S. We were delighted to have many of the film-makers who had been part of our Film Club and Festivals over those 5 years with us on the day. When they were in our film club, they were at the senior end of primary school and now many of them are at the senior end of secondary school. Doesn’t time fly! It was great to see them all again. The Film Festival began with short clips from all the films shown over the last 4 years and then the films created by this year’s film club were shown. These films can be seen below. Hope you enjoy them.



10 02 2016

Film Club First Videos

16 12 2015

We have a Film-making Club in our school for children in 5th class where we learn to make films. We’ve been working on a practice film called ‘Mouse in the House.’ We all did our own version of the film. See the different versions below.

Addresses of Mouse in the House Videos

15 12 2015

Film club members. Use the ‘Comments’ section below to paste in the address of your video

Behy N.S. wins ‘Best Soundtrack’ award at FÍS Film Awards

9 11 2015

Well done to the children in 6th class who won a national award at the primary school film awards (FÍS). We were particularly pleased with this award as music was an integral part of our film. The film itself was a tribute to the early silent films. As these films had no dialogue, music played a key role in telling the story. See below two members of 6th class being interviewed and receiving the award on behalf of our school as well as some class members in the crowd at the prestigious event in The Helix.

Film Festival Films

3 06 2015

On 28 June we had our Fourth Annual Film Festival in Ballina Arts Centre. During the Festival, members of Behy N.S. Film Club premiered their short films, which they had created specially for the event. All the work on display was undertaken by the children themselves from storyboarding to shooting to editing and production. Well done 5th class on a superb evening’s entertainment. Please see their films below.