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18 10 2016

Infants Tour

14 07 2016

1916 Proclamation and Flag Presentation

15 01 2016

2 Members of the Irish Defence forces presented our school with an Irish flag and the proclamation.

Senior Infants: A Trip to Horkans

4 12 2014

Senior Infants went on their school tour to Horkans pet shop in Castlebar. In Horkans pet shop senior infants met some cute and cuddly friends. Here are some photos from their school tour.


Maths Week & Coding Week Activities

17 10 2014

Well done to all our wonderful staff for providing the children with a range of maths activities over the course of maths week. Here’s a ataste of what went on:

Junior infants had fun doing work on patterns & sorting

Senior Infants completed ‘Maths for Fun.’ Each group on a rotational basis played 5 maths games based on number, measure & algebra.

1st class used ‘Have you got Maths Eyes?’ posters. They also completed the ‘Nature by Numbers Trail’ in the Jackie Clarke Museum.

2nd/ 3rd class also used ‘Have you got Maths Eyes?’ posters. They completed a Maths Trail on school grounds and also completed the ‘Nature by Numbers Trail’ in the Jackie Clarke Museum.

3re/ 4th class explored a variety of maths websites and will do their coding on Monday. They also completed the ‘Nature by Numbers Trail’ in the Jackie Clarke Museum.

5th class were busy with coding, Farkle Dice Game, having a table quiz and playing ‘Tables Champion.’ They also completed the ‘Nature by Numbers Trail’ in the Jackie Clarke Museum.

6th class completed activities on the Mangahigh website and and did a unit of work on coding.

Sincere thanks to all staff and to the staff and volunteers of The Jackie Clarke Museum for the really excellent maths trail they created.

If children want to continue on with the coding activities we began they can complete a range of increasingly challenging coding activities on

Certificates for excellent attendance

3 07 2014

School principal, Mr. Cunnane, awarded certificates to pupils with strong attendance during the 2013/ 14 school year on the last day of school before the summer holidays. He explained that one way of ensuring you do well in school is by having a strong attendance. That way, you don’t miss out on any of the important work done during the school year.

Pictured below are some of the children who were awarded certificates.







Confirmation 2014

31 03 2014

Well done to our newly confirmed 6th class whose Confirmation was on Saturday 29th March in St. Patrick’s church


Thank you to Mrs. Loftus and the choir for the wonderful singing!

Senior Infants Art

29 11 2013

Senior infants had great fun doing art this week. Here they are hard at work.

Write A Book Winners

26 06 2013

Recently some children in our school entered a write a book competition. The idea is that they use their imagination to write a book entirely made up by themselves. Behy had 6 winners here are their names:

Senior Infants: Joshua Morrell-Simpson, Eabha Colohan and James Bohan.

Ist Class: John Peoples and Keelan Walsh.

2nd Class: Milly Sheridan.

Here are some photo’s of the winners:


Picture 1 of 6

And here you can see everyone who took part:

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Green flag presentation in Castlebar

24 06 2013

On the 28th of May Behy received there 6th Green flag.The team this year was Global Citizenship.Behy are now the first school in all of Mayo to have there 6th Green flag.It was a day full of excitement and happiness and Behy really deserved it.

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