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22 09 2017

Mental Maths Strategies

22 09 2017

Some links to help practice our Mental Maths Strategies:

Bridging through Ten

Bridging through 10, 20, 50

Adding 10

Adding multiples of 10



22 09 2016


22 09 2016

Infants Tour

14 07 2016

First Class Family Day Art

14 07 2016

5th class poetry

29 06 2016

click links below for the poems


Bless the Grandparents that are here today,

We can‘t wait to see what they have to say.


They taught us how to talk and play, without them

We wouldn’t be able to do everything we can do today.


Grandparents are awesome and very nice and

They mean a lot in children’s lives.


By Anna Ruane (5th Class)



Grandparents are thoughtful

Grandparents are kind

We love our grandparents in hear,t soul and mind

Grandparents are special in every way even though some of them have passed away.

I don’t have grandparents but that’s okay I will see them another day.


By Tyreke Clarke (5th Class)


A Life With A Bully

I woke up at eight and I realised I was late

But I did not care because I Knew the bully was there.


When my breakfast was ate I was more late

But I did not care because I knew the bully was there.


When I walked out the door he was on the wall with a big

Plate, I knew I was late so I ran out the back garden gate.


When I was on the way to school I turned around and there

was a church on the ground,

I went in and said a few prayers.

Then I realised I had no underwear.


When I reached school at last

I ran into class I told the teacher everything at last.

The bully got in trouble and is gone at last.

Now I can leave the past


Behy hurler’s

22 04 2016

Here are some photos of our hurlers who performed so well at the mini-sevens blitz on Friday 15th of April. They had a great win over Straide but lost out to a stong Ballyvary team.


7 04 2016



7 04 2016